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DIY Publishing Guides, Tutorials, Workbooks and Videos.

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So, you’ve finished that book you always wanted to write! Congratulations, you are to be commended! In fact, you are a rarity. Many people want to write a book but never do. Many more never finish. So take a few moments, sit back and smile at your accomplishment – – you’ve completed a book! Soon a question starts nagging at you, rising to the surface and fear enters your eyes….Now What?

We’ve got the answers…

Let Unruly Guides support you in the part of the process that overwhelms you. We will guide you through the process of getting your manuscript to e-publication, and then help you get the word out! We understand all the myriad of tasks needed to e-publish and e-promote your book.

That’s what we do, and we’re very good at it!

First Steps™ DIY Services

We’ve created a plethora of easy to follow and understand tutorials on helping you design, format, promote and market yourself and your book.

First Steps™ DIY Services Include:

* How to set up and market a blog
* How to get started with Twitter/Facebook
* Basic SEO (search Engine Optimization)
* Formatting your book for Kindle and epub distribution
* The importance of Book reviews for promotion
* Book cover design
* How to create an audio book or podcast
* Creating effective Book Trailers