From Tree to Book and Back Again – A Sustainability Tale

Book to Tree

A publishing company in Argentina, Pequeño Editor, is producing a children’s book that, if planted, will grow into a tree. The acid-free paper used to make the children’s book is infused with seeds from the Jacaranda tree. All of the book, including the paper and glue, is biodegradable. When the book is buried in the dirt […]

Twitter Cards: Twitter Marketing

Twitter Card

Last year, Twitter introduced a “powerful creative ad unit called the Twitter Card — a new way for advertisers to easily surface website content within a Tweet and drive relevant traffic to any page of their site, such as their home page, product page, or an important blog post.” Early testing in April 2014 showed […]


Write Brain Left Brain by Deborah Riley-Magnus

As an Author Success Coach, I work with and daily chat online with hundreds of authors. Bar none, the most volatile topic is author marketing. We all have to do it no matter how we’re published. The problem isn’t marketing. It isn’t buyer hostility. It isn’t an inability to understand the techniques. The problem is […]

The Future of Marketing: 3D printing, Pay with Tweet and more

book marketing

Living in the age of technology is an exciting adventure. Just watching the progress of computers alone is amazing. To think how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time, vastly increasing technological capabilities while at the same time making devices smaller and more portable. This has made it possible for thrilling breakthroughs […]

Free Author Digital Footprint from Author Marketing Ideas

Source: PRWeb Author Marketing Ideas is offering a “Free Digtial Footprint Evaluation” to self-publishing authors. This allows authors to “see their online marketing strengths and weaknesses”, giving them information needed to improve their book sales. Author Marketing is one of the areas most authors hate to venture — but it is one that is […]