Amazon Kindle X-ray Feature: Using Shelfari, Goodreads, Wikipedia, Youtube

An out-of-the-box ebook marketing idea: Did you know that Amazon’s Kindle X-ray Feature allows the ebook reader to easily find content, chapters and locations mentioning concepts, places or ideas, as well as characters and places in your ebook. It even allows readers to explore author biographies and obtain additional background information as well as provide related content from Shelfari, Wikipedia and Youtube?

Author Marketing: Maximize Google+ for your Author Brand, Part 1

As of January 2013, Google+ has grown to the second largest social network. A late comer to the Social Media Network arena (Facebook 9 years; Twitter 7 years), Google Plus has transformed into a major social network. Building your Author Brand with Google Serious about your writing career? Then Google plays an important part in […]