Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott – Graphic Design, Marketing and Promotion Expert

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Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott

Co-founder and author of Unruly Guides
Owner OneWay Advertising and Design
Area of Expertise: Graphic Design, Web Design, Internet Marketing and Promotion.
Education: B.A. 1981, University of Washington, Seattle: Graphic Design


OneWay Advertising and Design, est. 1988

Graphic Design is the creative process of developing an image that will put you and your company in the best light. Design needs to be creative, informative, eye-catching and memorable. It also needs to exude the flavor of who you are. This design process spills over into other forms of media including television, radio, print and the Web.

A uniform look is imperative to establishing your business. The design must be professional, original and unique to you. We do not use “boxed art” but create each project from scratch — starting with creative meetings between customer and OneWay, and then working with the client until the final piece is completed and distributed.

It has always been my goal to build a close working relationship with each of my clients, providing the best marketing and design strategies with the highest ROI (return on investment).

Graphic Design Services:

* Book Cover Design
* DVD Cover Design
* Brochures
* Logo Design
* Corporate Image
* Newspaper Advertising
* Newsletters
* Magazine and Trade Ads
* Outdoor – Billboards, Signs
* Tradeshow Booths
* Banners

Web Designer and Internet Marketing: 1996 – Present

For web designs and marketing, I involve my clients in the inner workings of the site as much as possible – learning about e-commerce shopping cart, knowing about SEO, META tags, etc. My goal is to make you aware of your online business and how it is being marketed and utilized. Think of it as a parent readying a child for the world. I do not expect you to take on the role of designer or marketer, but to be informed so you make the right choices in the future. Let’s face it – I can’t work forever Should [when] I retire I will make sure your needs are taken care of. I am here to serve and make you comfortable.

Website Development and Marketing Services

* Page Layout and Design
* Flash Graphics and Technology
* Internet Marketing
* Search Engine Submission
* Press Releases
* Training

OneWay strives to maintain the best working environment for all parties. So, if you want to work with a professional who will put your interests first, work hard to build a successful business and consider you a friend, then OneWay is the company for you.

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Feel free to contact us for you design, formatting and marketing needs.


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    I love your blog “Shortbread Storie the blog”. In your post: Thank you for your additional insights, especiallyl: *As I’m American, I’m basing this exercise on the US cover of the first book in the Harry Potter series. The UK version is quite different. While it does have a similar cartoon figure of Harry Potter, instead of him playing Quidditch, he is about to board the Hogwarts Express. This example adds even more to the importance of cover design, in that what works in one culture may not be the best cover in another.”

    — Suz