Lessons in Authorship, or how to self-publish and live

Self Publishing Star Ratings and Reviews

As a self-publishing author, we live for reviews of our work — good or bad. Reviews are meant to be an overall evaluation of the entire book: the formatting, content, offers, delivery. At times, we get reviews based on initial first reactions, and it is these reviews, especially the scathing, hurtful ones, that the author needs to learn to deal with.

Amazon Kindle X-ray Automation and Shelfari, not a good feature

Amazon X-ray Shelfari

ENABLING. Boiled down to it’s most simplest definition it basically means helping too much. Self-publishing is a business and most writers will never look at it that way. But the few that treat it professionally, this type of automation is just wrong. You’ll get poor results and, in my case, competition offered in x-ray enabled […]