Lightning Source offers Duplex Printing inside the cover

Duplex Covers

Duplex printing isn’t new, but it is new to the Print on Demand Industry. Ingram Lighting Source has announced (May 27, 2015) the option for printing inside book covers. Remember Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books, where the inside spread (inside cover and first page) contained an illustration? What an impact your book could have when […]

1000+ Free Fonts for the non-designers Book Cover and eBook Arsenal

Stephanie Meyer, HOST
Science Fiction / Paranormal

Thousands of free fonts makes choosing the right one difficult for the non-designer. More choices isn’t always better… be wise in your typeface choice. Take a cue from bestselling books for your next Book Cover project.

Ficticious Fiction Book Cover Exercise: Pro Football Murder Mystery


How to Create a Book Cover, Part 3 Our February Newsletter offered a quick book cover exercise to get your creative juices flowing. You were to create a fictional book cover around the following synopsis: ——- It is the Super Bowl of all Super Bowls and the Cinderella team, the Oregon Argonauts are scheduled to […]

Book Covers Using Similar Stock Images: Confusing or Not?

The Emperor's Knife by Author, Mazarkis Williams

Have you ever shopped for a book and run across unrelated book covers that appeared eerily similar? So similar they appeared to be part of a series? This issue is cropping up more and more in self-publishing and with alarming regularity. But does it really matter? Using images is not new when creating advertising. In […]