Amazon Kindle X-ray Enabled, but not for Everyone, yet

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Yesterday, I discovered the “unknown” assailant who was adding unwanted book details to my books in Shelfari was an automated system called X_ray (Shelfari).

But what is fantastic, and makes the annoyance less annoying, is today’s surprise.

I was doing my usual Thursday marketing and discovered that my newest book release had Kindle X-ray enabled. Now this may seem amazing, except for the fact that

  1. My book was released only 2 weeks ago
  2. Has only 1 sale (by me)
  3. and had no information added in Shelfari or any other option for Kindle Xray.

And not only was my newest book Kindle X-ray “enabled”, ALL of my books now have Kindle X-ray enabled.

How it was enabled?

In searching books, I did find that not all books are Kindle X-ray enabled, yet. Previously, the assumption was X-ray was implemented to top selling books. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

My books only average 50 books/month. If the sales volume were the reason, then my newest release, with only 1 sale, would not have the feature “turned on.”

So it appears that either Amazon is working toward turning on X-ray for ALL books, or it is now determined by Account/Author. Or they just like me.

Kindle Xray Feature

Kindle Xray Feature: note the Publication date and the Kindle X-ray feature turned on.


I don’t know if the automated X_ray assailant in Shelfari is still lurking around, but since Kindle X-ray appears to be moving toward mainstream, you’d be wise to set up your own information now on Shelfari, Goodreads, Youtube and Wikipedia.


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