Using a Story Generator for writers block

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Spencer Brokaw Guest Blogger:

Spencer Brokaw published his first book The Impenetrable Spy in 2011 at age 12. He enjoys writing and plans on creating a series. He resides in Ohio and enjoys swimming, golfing, playing the drums, and reading.

It is very easy to get stuck writing an article, story or book. Most of the time I take a break and come back to what I was working on after I’ve received an idea, but sometimes going to a story generator can be helpful to get ideas.

No, I do not mean an electrical generator; I’m talking about the kind where a random plot line, character name, or song title will be generated at your expense. An example of a story generator site would be Seventh Sanctum. When you get stuck or you really want to write a short story, go to a generator website and generate a random idea.

Anagrams are helpful in mysteries, and are used often by evil villains and in mysteries like the DaVinci Code. An anagram is a phrase, sentence or word created by an already present phrase, sentence or word. For Example: “William Shakespeare” translates to “I am a weakfish speller”. These are both helpful ways to come up with ideas when you encounter writer’s block.

Story, Plot and Writing Generators:

Editor Comment

Suzanne Fyhrie ParrottLet’s face it. Sometimes we all get stuck. Some writers wash dishes or go for a walk to unclog the mind. Others force themselves to sit at their computers, until the blockage releases.

Story Generators may be a good idea.

I had never heard of a story generator until Spencer sent me this weeks post. I found the concept extremely interesting, especially for unclogging a mind stuck on a singular path. For weeks I have been struggling with my lead characters name. And every time I sat down to right a scene, his milk-toast name got in the way. So I tested several story generators. The ideas chipped away at the blockage until I was able to distill the name to one that fits his personality and occupation. (no more milk-toast.)

These tools are not a replacement for writing and may not be for everyone. I found some sites cater heavily to one theme or genre (fantasy, for example). That aside, they could at least be enough of a distraction to loosen the blockage and get the words flowing again.

Should you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Happy writing,


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