Chat with Lizzy Armentrout Author, “A Vengeful Spirit”

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Lizzy Armentrout, Christian Author, A Vengeful Spirit

I had a wonderful time talking with my friend and author, Lizzy Armentrout. I met Lizzy on Twitter in 2009, when her book “A Vengeful Spirit” was first published. Our friendship has grown, and I am thrilled to be able to speak with her for the first time. A delightful and joyful woman, Lizzy’s enjoyment of life shines throughout the podcast.

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Lizzy Armentrout is a Christian Murder Mystery author. Lizzy talks about her book, “A Vengeful Spirit”, her sequel and second WIP novel, as well as marketing and promotion. Her first published work, “A Vengeful Spirit” is a young adult mystery, but an excellent read for all ages.

Writers are responsible for a lot of their own publicity. Lizzy shares some of the marketing and publicity she utilized when promoting herself and “A Vengeful Spirit” I was impressed by Lizzys tenacity in promoting her name. Though having a hectic life as a teacher, mother and wife – LIzzy was able to promote herself through the online Social Media, speaking engagements as well as interviews and podcasts.

Before her life “turned upside down” Lizzy spent about an hour/day marketing. This included promoting herself and her book, but also interacting with her readership and fans. She understood the “it’s NOT all about me concept.” Sure she wanted to sell books, but the underlying aspect of a good promotional campaign is getting involved with your readership and engaging with them – to brand yourself.

About Lizzy Armentrout

Lizzy grew up in Northeastern Ohio and currently resides near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She was saved at the age of thirteen after her mother passed away unexpectedly and her father had a massive brain tumor removed.

She graduated from Piedmont Baptist College in North Carolina with a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education and has been teaching at a local Christian school for 16 years. She is very active in her local church music ministry; she is a choir member, soloist, and a substitute pianist. She is currently teaching 6th grade and speaking for ladies groups sharing her testimony and book. Her hobbies are reading mysteries and computer games.

A Vengeful Spirit, Lizzy Armentrout

How to Find Lizzy

Lizzy can be found on her website and through social media. Her book “A Vengeful Sprit is available in both ebook and traditional published formats.

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