Roz Morris — Book Manuscript Editor on How to “Nail Your Novel”

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Roz Morris, Nail Your Novel

Manuscript Editor, Ghostwriter and Author, Roz Morris



The single most important element for any new book is a good polish and edit. In the world of traditional print publishing, the publishing house assigns an editor to the author and his/her book to make it shine.

As ebook authors, we have the same duty to create the best, well-written book possible–a daunting task to do alone–especially for a new author.

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A Manuscript Editor’s Advice

For this week’s Unruly Guides podcast, we have help on the way!

Published author and manuscript editor (or “critic” as Roz calls it), shares from her experience as an author and ghostwriter who’s worked on many manuscripts.

Roz gives tips and suggestions on how to get your ebook manuscript done…and Nail Your Novel.

To get that ebook published in 2011, you must create a completed manuscript you’d be proud to mail off to a NY agent or publisher–even if you don’t plan to go that route.

Roz’ Recommendations for Your Draft

Roz recommends connecting with other writers in your genre to trade manuscripts, or join a local or online writing group, especially one with a good moderator, for feedback.

Although hearing criticism or straightforward feedback is hard, Roz says take some time to absorb the information.

She goes on to say about critique groups:

You have to be careful. If you’re going to go along to a critique group, take along a short story, where you don’t mind what they say, and just see how they deal with your writing before you unleash the novel that really matters.

If you’re using a manuscript editor, and you get back pages with red ink and some recommended changes to consider, read the comments then put away the manuscript for a few days or longer to absorb the information.

Then take the manuscript back out and re-read the comments with a fresh outlook.

Roz says, “A good [manuscript] critic will be good at helping you understand why the story doesn’t work. It’s like a good teacher.”

About Roz Morris

For more about Roz Morris, her background, the book editing/critiquing services she offers, and about her book Nail Your Novel – Why Writers Abandon Books and How You Can Draft, Fix and Finish with Confidence, please visit her blog:

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