5 Ways Email Marketing fits the Holidays

According to Streamsend, “consumers who shop in November spend 14% more than the average shopper in December.” Also, 40% of these shoppers “begin their holiday shopping before Halloween.” So the time is NOW to implement your Marketing Campaign!

The holiday season isn’t the time to start thinking about your Holiday Marketing Plan. This should be done months ahead of time.  However, there is still plenty of time to implement a nugget or two for the holiday season.

Keep notes as you gather holiday marketing ideas for next season. Remember, many of these ideas are universal, meaning you can use them during other holidays such as Easter or Valentines.

5 Email Holiday Marketing Ideas

Below is just a quick summary of the 5 Ways Email Can make the 2014 Holidays a Gift to Marketers  Read full post from Streamsend

  1. Know your customers: “use every scrap of behavioral and interested data that they’ve collected to reach individual customers with messages they want, when they want them”
  2. Capture the holiday sentiment with an entertaining video that “contains a call-to-action; email it out into the share-o-sphere, attracting attention while generating leads.”
  3. Mobile Marketing: “mobile devices offer marketers a way to reach customers wherever and whenever they want during the holiday rush.”
  4. Social marketing. “Whether responding to comments, offering a video or asking people to take action, visit a store or read a newsletter, social offers a huge opportunity to connect with customers during the holidays by posting on a regular basis. “
  5. Existing Customers. “Look for opportunities to send a special holiday offer to customers you value. Here is your chance to thank your best customers.”

So, for all the procrastinators, in anticipation of NEXT year,  take notes of what you “would have done” or “would like to do”. Be generous in your WANTS and keep this list in a safe place. Then after the holidays have died down — take out your notebook EARLY (January) and start planning for the upcoming holiday season.

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