Adult Coloring Books – making the bestsellers list

What are adult coloring books and why are they making the bestsellers list?

Adult coloring books are collections of coloring pages specifically geared toward over-worked and over-stressed adults. After so many years of thinking of coloring as only marketable towards children, people are realizing that not only does coloring benefit everyone, but that everyone loves to feel like a child.

Coloring, like meditation, has been proven to lower stress levels. It gives the mind structured time to decompress and unwind. In fact therapists have long used coloring, for both their child and adult patients, to help deal with feelings of anxiety and stress.

Coloring works so well because it focuses the mind without requiring exhaustive concentration or problem solving. The process of only having two tasks, picking a color and remaining in the lines, is rejuvenating for minds that are constantly bombarded with stimulation overload. Coloring helps keep the mind from obsessing over other problems and anxieties. More passive activities, such as watching television, make it easier for the mind to wander. However, coloring is an active activity, engaging not only the mind but also the hands.

“Embracing an activity
that is healing for
the mind and soul”

In fact, coloring is so beneficial that adults have been reaping the benefits long before the trend of adult coloring books caught on. There is even a facebook page dedicated to finding and posting links to online coloring pages. For those that love doing the work of finding their favorite pages the Facebook group is a wonderful resource. Those who would rather skip the tedium of searching and printing their pages out on their printer now have a vast selection of adult coloring books to choose from. Some of the most popular include little hidden quests and visual surprises.

I bought The Secret Garden coloring book by Johanna Basford. The designs are intricate and beautiful. The little surprises and interactivity make it something that I imagine I will keep long after I finish coloring it.

It’s wonderful to see the adult market embracing an activity that is healing for the mind and soul. I look forward to continuing to see adult coloring books on the bestsellers lists.

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