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So – you’ve finished that book you always wanted to write! Congratulations, you are to be commended! In fact, you are a rarity. Many people want to write a book but never do. Many more never finish. So take a few moments, sit back and smile at your accomplishment – – you’ve completed a book!

Now what?

The question rings in your head like a five-alarm fire bell. Sure, you know you want the book published. But what can you do while you sit around waiting for publishers to snatch up the next bestseller?


Traditional publishing, epublishing or self-publishing? No matter the course, you still need to let the world know your book is available. But how do you navigate the waters of epublishing? Or for that matter a website? What is SEO and do you need it? And what about digital copyrights? Or getting your book setup on Amazon?

It’s pretty overwhelming, isn’t it? And all the time you spend researching and learning marketing, promoting and formatting, is time spent away from what you really want to do – write.


Learning the process of marketing and promotion can be frustrating and time consuming. This is the reason we started Unruly Guides – the DIY epublishing Guides. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We collected the information for you and have (tried) to offer it in easy to understand step-by-step tutorials.

As you wade through the information you may find there are some areas (or all) that you need expert help. That’s where Unruly Guides comes in.

Allow us to support you in that part of the process that overwhelms you. We will guide you through the process of getting your manuscript to print or e-publication, and then help you get the word out! We understand all the myriad of tasks needed to publish and promote your book. That’s what we do, and we’re very good at it!

Welcome to Unruly Guides! Take a deep breath and feel free to relax, as we help you successfully publish your book! :)