The Strength of the Bookstore – Surviving in an offline world

I love it when my IBPA magazine arrives. I know that it will have at least one thing that will help my business grow stronger. The January 2015 magazine was no exception. When I read “Assessing the Outlook for Bookstores” by Linda Carlson, it confirmed what I already knew. I wasn’t alone in my love […]

Kindle MICRO Solutions: Creating eBook Tables using HTML & CSS (PRIMER)

Kindle MICRO Solutions: Creating eBook Tables using HTML and CSS (Primer) (Kindle Formatting Solutions)

An Unruly Guides Approved HOW TO Kindle Solutions PRIMER PRIMER for the Self-Publishing Author, without the fuss. Easy Copy and Paste examples – ready-to-use. Free November 9-13, 2013 Available on Amazon Step-by-Step: How to create basic tables for Kindle ebooks with CHEATSHEETS  – Complete copy and paste HTML & CSS – Ready to Use Basic […]

Sigil Epub Editor 7.4 Released – Sigil Lives!

Was pleasantly surprised this morning — Sigil ebook editor has updated to 7.4 (both mac and Windows).  After a startling announcement of Sigil being on life support in September it appears the ebook editor program has gotten a new lease on life. From the Sigil Development Blog: Sigil 0.7.4 Released This is a small maintenance […]

Amazon Updates KDP and Author Central

There have been a couple changes to Amazon including Kindle cover requirements, book descriptions and sales reports. Kindle Cover In August, I noticed that Kindle required uploaded Kindle covers to be at least 1000 pixels on the long side.  I recently updated my eBook Formatting and Publishing Guide, and was required to upload a properly […]


I got this in the email today and thought Lulu’s offer was fantastic. (if legit with no strings attached). I signed up and we’ll see what happens next month. In the mean time… Every year in the month of November, hundreds of thousands of writers take the NaNoWriMo challenge – to finish a 50,000-word novel […]