The Future of Marketing: 3D printing, Pay with Tweet and more

book marketing

Living in the age of technology is an exciting adventure. Just watching the progress of computers alone is amazing. To think how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time, vastly increasing technological capabilities while at the same time making devices smaller and more portable. This has made it possible for thrilling breakthroughs […]

Increase Sales with Kindle Countdown Deals (Kindle Select)

KDP Select Marketing

Kindle Countdown Deals is a new KDP Select benefit that allows authors to run limited-time discount promotions on their books, which can help earn more royalties and reach more readers. Customers can see the regular price and the promotional price on the book’s detail page, as well as a countdown clock telling them how much […]

Kindle Select Updated – new Manage Benefits feature

KDP Select manage benefits and promotions

KDP Select program makes it easier to Manage your Benefits. You ncan see at a glance what promotions you have run or have scheduled for your books. IMPORTANT: You can only have one program enabled at a time.  This means, if you have pre-scheduled KDP Select Free book promotion set (as shown in the above […]

Minute Marketing: Author Marketing Strategies you can implement today

As a writer, time is precious and the thought of marketing sends chills down our spine. We are all busy: life has a way of sucking away time away until there is little left. Many authors try to do as much marketing at one time as possible. This only creates frustration and near – exhaustion. […]

Amazon Author Central: Author Features

Most readers like to know more about their favorite authors. Amazon’s Author Central allows you to obtain easy access to your photo, biography, and bibliography to learn more about you and the books your have authored. With the new Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD, learning about you and your writing is only 60 seconds away.