Sigil Epub Editor 7.4 Released – Sigil Lives!

Was pleasantly surprised this morning — Sigil ebook editor has updated to 7.4 (both mac and Windows).  After a startling announcement of Sigil being on life support in September it appears the ebook editor program has gotten a new lease on life. From the Sigil Development Blog: Sigil 0.7.4 Released This is a small maintenance […]

Life Expectency of Sigil Epub Editor Software – now on GitHub

SIGIL EPUB EDITOR LIVES… UPDATE 10/28/13)  SIGIL 7.4 WAS RELEASED FOR BOTH MAC AND WINDOWS ON 10/27/13 — SO SIGIL IS STILL LIVING STRONG!! The demise of any program is always a possibility. In September 2013, the Sigil Development blog ( announced: “Sigil is not dead but it’s development has slowed considerably to the point […]

The Lost Sigil Ebook Editor Manual – Pre-release Invite

Sigil Ebook Editor Manual -- Prerelease

You’re a newbie and you know absolutely nothing about HTML, CSS or even what an epub file is. All you know is that you want to create one for your book. This step-by-step manual defines the tools and menus within the program as well as how to create ebooks for epub and mobi (Kindle).