Kindle Unlimited Pages Read: How It Affects Authors

As of July 1st, authors who enroll their books in KDP Select are being paid differently for borrows. The payment for borrows is now calculated based on how many pages of the book have been read, rather than the number of borrows that reached a certain percentage. This means that a longer book read cover-to-cover […]

VIDEO: Exploring fixed layout EPUBs on Kobo and iPad (Anne-Marie Concepción)


If you’ve never heard of Anne-Marie Concepción then you are in for a treat. She’s a digital publishing expert whose training videos on are absolutely fantastic. has a variety of free videos to help you understand all aspects of design and marketing. Below is just one of the free tutorials offered from […]

Kindle FXL Preparation (pt1): Page Dimensions, Text Display, Illustrations


Amazon’s Kid’s Book Creator makes it easier for the average Joe to create illustrated children’s eBooks (Kindle) to upload directly to Amazon. In the previous post, I showed the main difference between a fixed layout and a “regular” or standard book layout. We’ll now get into how to prepare your files in order to build […]

From Tree to Book and Back Again – A Sustainability Tale

Book to Tree

A publishing company in Argentina, Pequeño Editor, is producing a children’s book that, if planted, will grow into a tree. The acid-free paper used to make the children’s book is infused with seeds from the Jacaranda tree. All of the book, including the paper and glue, is biodegradable. When the book is buried in the dirt […]

Writefull – A Companion App to Improve Your Writing

Writefull is a companion app that can be used in any writing tool from MS Word to Gmail.  It helps you to improve your writing by analyzing text that you select and comparing it to thousands of documents in Google Books, Google Scholar, and Google Web databases. You can then use that analysis to adapt […]

Lightning Source offers Duplex Printing inside the cover

Duplex Covers

Duplex printing isn’t new, but it is new to the Print on Demand Industry. Ingram Lighting Source has announced (May 27, 2015) the option for printing inside book covers. Remember Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books, where the inside spread (inside cover and first page) contained an illustration? What an impact your book could have when […]

Draft – An online tool for revision management and collaboration


Draft is a writing program that emphasizes simplicity, version control, and collaboration. I found Draft while I was looking for a program that allowed me to easily save and access specific versions of my writing project as I was working on it. Draft was created by a programmer looking for an ideal work space in […]