3 Tips for a Great Book Trailer

A book trailer is an interesting concept. It may seem strange to use a visual marketing method to advertise a product that relies heavily on imagination and creativity. Authors may ask “Does it corrupt the novel if I introduce images of the characters and settings in book trailers before my readers even get a chance […]

The Future of Marketing: 3D printing, Pay with Tweet and more

book marketing

Living in the age of technology is an exciting adventure. Just watching the progress of computers alone is amazing. To think how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time, vastly increasing technological capabilities while at the same time making devices smaller and more portable. This has made it possible for thrilling breakthroughs […]

How to benefit from Kindle Select Marketing Tools from Amazon KDP

Kindle formatting - basics of HTML and CSS for Kindle ebook formatting

Sometimes the amount of options and tools available to an author can be overwhelming. You have your book, you want it published, why does it have to be so complicated? If you want your life to be a little more stress free then you’ll be happy to hear more about Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. […]

10 Tips to Starting A Marketing Plan

You’ve just finished writing your novel. You sigh proudly—I’m done. You may feel like a bear, blinking in the sunlight, as you emerge from the cave. Then you heard words like ‘advertising’ and ‘marketing plan’, and dread set in. What does that really mean and how do you get started? What is a marketing plan? […]

eBook Formatting Tip: Changing the Font Size (CSS)

When formatting an ebook varying font-sizes are necessary (chapter headings, subheads, etc). While the sizes are built-in for headings and paragraphs, you can fine tune your ‘font-size’ in the CSS. Depending on your preferences, modify font sizes using pixels, percentage, point size, em value and keywords. (with percentages and points the easiest for non-designers to […]

The Pro’s and Con’s of Kindle Unlimited

Although it’s easy to see that the customer is Amazon’s number one priority that doesn’t mean that they don’t recognize the need to provide at least some benefits for the authors who supply the ebooks, even if grudgingly. Rarely is an issue black and white, so I’ve laid out a list of pros and cons […]

Baby Boomer Literature – An Overlooked Audience

Authors should note: Baby Boomers like both digital and print books.

Age related categories are not an uncommon site in our libraries and bookstores. Every age group experiences different generational transitions and turmoil. Readers are looking for stories and characters that they can empathize with and authors are more than happy to fill that need. In fact Young Adult Literature is one of the highest selling […]

The Strength of the Bookstore – Surviving in an offline world

I love it when my IBPA magazine arrives. I know that it will have at least one thing that will help my business grow stronger. The January 2015 magazine was no exception. When I read “Assessing the Outlook for Bookstores” by Linda Carlson, it confirmed what I already knew. I wasn’t alone in my love […]

20-second Sales Window; building your author brand

Authors continually fail to understand what drives the consumer to purchase—a concept that is fundamental to building a successful author brand. Authors also fail to treat their writing as a business. They write a ‘book’, put it on Amazon and then hope beyond hope they will make the next bestseller list. They then do a […]