Tax Tips for Authors: When and How to fill out the 1099

US 1099-MISC tax form

As a self-publishing author, you should consider your writing as a business. And in this way, there are protocols that you need to follow — namely taxes. (See Tax Tips for Authors: Are you a Business or a Hobby? ) When Form 1099-MISC must be filed The basic rule is if you promote your writing […]

Kindle Formatting Solutions: Drop Cap HTML in eBooks

Image Drop Cap ebook

It is very easy to create drop caps for ebooks. first create the declaration, then enclosed the desired letter(s) in <span> tags: <span class=”dropcap”>T</span> Example of a letter drop caps on Kindle Previewer HTML <p><span class=”dropcap”>H</span>ow to create a drop cap for your ebook. Adjust the styling from within the CSS. </p> CSS span.dropcap { […]

Kindle Formatting Solutions: HTML Tables and Charts in eBooks

Tables allow you to display facts, figures and data in an organized manner. However, tables must be manually coded into an ebook, which can be time consuming and/or expensive. Use tables for tabular data only Do not use tables to create drop caps or to highlight text in an ebook using borders and colored background.  […]

Kindle Formatting Solutions: Easily Add Borders & Colored Backgrounds to Paragraphs for eBooks

Kindle formatting: adding borders and backgrounds

Creating paragraphs you want to highlight with colored backgrounds are rendered using the <div> tag with border and background color attributes. By default, text is displayed as black in ebooks. If the background color is dark, consider changing the text to white (color:white) in order for the text to be viewable. TIP: Always proof your […]