Using Author Central: pulling print and digital together

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Take a look at the following two images. They are very similar, but there is something very wrong here. Can you tell what it is? OK, compare them to the third image. Now do you see the difference?

Author Central - Amazon Create Space POD book page

Author Central - Amazon Kindle e-book page

Author Central - Amazon POD and Kindle e-book page

Reader Convenience

Being part of the e-book generation, I am always seeking out the next best read. I get pulled into a read by a book trailer, or a social media recommendation, only to find the book is offered in print only. Or is it?

There are many titles published in both Kindle and POD, but several do not show this critical detail on the Product Page. Because of this, you could be losing potential customers and sales.

Author Central - Amazon POD and Kindle e-book pricing box

The Author Central Marketing Tool

Author Central has a lot to offer an author. For now, I want to show you how to easily tie your print book and e-book together. Don’t have a print book? Keep reading and you’ll easily see why you still need to use your Author Central account.

As a published author on Amazon, you already HAVE an Author Central account, but probably didn’t even know it. Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Author Central all use your same log in information, to initializing your AC set up is easy.

First, go to Author Central (US) or do a search for “Author Central” for your country.

Author Central as a marketing tool

Updating your Author Page

There are two steps you NEED to complete to make sure your Author Page is listed on Amazon.

Author Profile

Here’s where your reader will learn more about you, and where they can find you. You can include: biography, blog, events,author page URL, author photo, videos, twitter account.

Provide, at least, your biography (error-free), page URL (if you have one), and author photo. (If you don’t have a blog or website, get one — it’s free and easy to set up.)

List your Books

This is a critical step in your Amazon marketing. This is where you claim the books you have written, which, in turn, will list on your Author Page in Amazon. Claiming your print and digital books tie them together on your Product Page, as well as reviews. Don’t claim books that you have illustrated, edited or are not yours.

Author Page

You can see how every ties together from your Author Central account to your Amazon Author Page. ( Use the link from Author Central >> Books to view your personal Amazon page as shown in above image.)

Example Author Page (click for larger view)

Troubleshooting Tip

Be sure your titles are “exactly” the same, otherwise your digital and print books may not “connect”.

Special thank you to Brenda Hartman and Spencer Brokaw for allowing me to use their books as examples for this post.


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